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Know The Python Programming Language

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Know The Python Programming Language

What is Python?

Python is a programming language high-level, interpreted language that has easy syntax and dynamic semantic. Python is much easier than other programming languages and helps you create beautiful apps with less effort and much easier.

Python is not actually a new programming language, Python has been around since 1991 because it was dim a few years ago and now it is again a programming language of many interested programmers around the world.

Why Python?

You will wonder why use Python anyway? Let me help you understand using keywords in the formal definitions of Python.

1. High level

Python derived components from the natural language we use humans to communicate with each other. This makes it easier for anyone to try and connect what exactly can happen without the burden of going through a ton of machine code.

2. Interpreted

Python code is compiled Line-by-line that makes debugging errors much easier and efficient. But this comes with such a cost much slower than any other programming language.

3. Easy syntax

Python utilizes non-braces indents to distinguish what code blocks are under a class or function. This makes the code look well distributed and makes it easy for anyone to read it.

4. Dynamic semantics

If you are an old school coder, you will know that before using anything, you will need to initialize it. It does all of this dynamically.

How is Python used?

Understanding what Python is and why it should be used, you will wonder what you can do when you master it. Well, this list is just shocking length. E.g
Course Curriculum

Why is Python more liked?

1. Python Features

Python's popularity does not stop growing as it can achieve better productivity with smaller code, making Python one of the most liked languages. Python has a list of features that attracts almost anyone to start coding with it.

2. Simplicity

Python is its own simple type. All you need to know is how indentation works and you can code the most complex problems in fewer lines of code.

3. Open source

Python is free for anyone to use. You even have the freedom to modify the Python code to better your own needs without facing any impact.

4. Portability

Writing code can be done once and running in different systems without any changes. This makes it Super helpful when a team is working on a project.

5. Embed Properties

Python allows other language codes such as C, C++ to be embedded, which makes it much more robust and versatile.

6. Interpretation

As you know, Python is compiled Line-by-line, making debugging easier and the memory management much more efficient

7. Support multiple libraries

Python supports libraries that you can use and get started to get your solution faster and easier. And the community for the library is very active and helps

8. Oop

Object-oriented concepts help you replicate real-world scenarios in your code and also provide security to them so you can get a well-crafted app


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